Tabata Pro

Tabata Pro is a timer application for use with the Tabata training protocol also known as High Intensity Interval Training. I’ve only used it for a training or ten, but I can say it works perfectly. It’s definitely as good as the famous Gym Boss timers.

Wild Chords

Wild Chords is a free guitar learning app. I actually can’t believe it’s free, because it’s brilliant. In a playful way, it takes beginning guitar players through various levels where you’re challenged to play chords in order to entice all kinds of animals that’ve fled the zoo and lead them back. Also, its built-in tuner is truly genius. Highly recommended for beginning guitar players like myself. If you’re not convinced, have a look at Ovelin’s pitch for the game at Slush2011.


Aelios is a polished weather app. It has quite a unique user interface which isn’t always the easiest, but it’s pretty and it works. It gets updated now and then, and useful new features like bookmarking locations were just added.


Prompt is a Terminal client which can connect via SSH and supports color and fancy key combinations. Can be very handy for remote work, especially if you attach a bluetooth keyboard.


Penultimate is a drawing/note-taking app. It was the first app I bought. I’ve used it in the beginning, and found it to be ideal for quick sketches, not so much for text.

Air Video

Air Video can stream video from your Mac to iOS devices. It needs a ‘server’ package on the Mac side, which is a free download. It can transcode streams on-the-fly from pretty much every format you can find. One thing it cannot do (yet) is streaming of (physical) DVD’s.


GarageBand. What else do I need to say? I wasn’t convinced when I read about it, you just have to experience it. Excellent value for money if you’re at least a bit interested in music production.


iMockups is a tool for quick user interface sketching using pre-fab elements like input fields and windows. It’s quite limited and I prefer doing mockups in straight HTML and CSS these days. Still, it’s a useful app that I would recommend especially to non-technical people who want to communicate their idea of an interface.


SketchBook Pro is a full featured drawing app. Gallery here. It has layers and loads of brushes, color management et cetera. Recommended even if you’re only drawing snow men while riding the train.


Pages is the only of the three iWork for iOS apps (Keynote and Numbers) I’ve bought, and it doesn’t disappoint. It does everything I expect of a wordprocessor. Since iCloud support was added, even the syncing problems have disappeared.


iMAME is an Arcade emulator (MAME) formerly available only on jailbroken devices. More here


Snapseed is a Photo retouching app from Nik Software. They build expensive Photoshop plugins too, and this shows in the quality of Snapseeds filters and effects. The touch interface is a pleasure to use, especially on the iPad. Next level interaction design in my opinion.