Ever wanted to include pretty background layers in QGIS?

Here’s a relatively easy way to show, for example, customized Mapbox layers or any kind of XYZ tiles.

  • In a directory of your choice, create a tab-separated file named mm.tsv, which should look like this:

LizardNXT Mapbox http://a.tiles.mapbox.com/v3/yourmap.idhere/{z}/{x}/{y}.png 1 13 17

  • Find your Map ID on the Mapbox Projects page and put it in the place of yourmap.idhere.

  • Start QGIS (tested in 2.4.0) and install the TileLayer via Plugins > Manage and Install

  • Choose Web > TileLayerPlugin > Add Tile Layer

  • Choose Settings, click on “External layer definition directory” and select the directory where you put the file mm.tsv

  • Choose OK