Mapping / cartography



  • DOMVas implements the missing piece that connects the DOM and Canvas. It gives the ability to take arbitrary DOM content and paint it to a Canvas of your choice.

  • SVGeezy is a Javascript plugin to handle your images in browsers that don’t support SVGs.

  • OSGjs is a Javascript implementation of OpenSceneGraph.

  • MetaQuery offers declarative responsive web design syntax.

  • Coccyx plugs up Backbone leaks with constructor names and tear-downable view hierarchies.

  • Darner is a very simple message queue server. Hits the middle between RabbitMQ and Redis. Based on Kestrel

  • TeleHash is a Kademlia-based DHT and JSON protocol for application meshing and eventing

  • Piecon is a tiny javascript library for generating progress pie charts in your favicon.

  • tQuery is three.js + jQuery

  • binaryjs implements binary websocket streaming in node.js

  • smart-time-ago is a little jQuery library to update the relative timestamps in your document. Docs.

  • Facebook Timeline using HTML and CSS

  • BigVideo.js is a jQuery Plugin for Big Background Video (and Images).