I am going to expand this post and this idea later on.

The basic idea is simple and very much inspired by Siri. I was very skeptical when I first heard about it. When I actually received an iPhone 4S and tried it myself, I was instantly sold. This is a game changer.

Because I’m simultaneously a software developer and a nurse (in training), I’ve been amazed several times by the depressing state of affairs regarding IT and automation in the hospital where I’m an intern. It’s so bad that most of the IT is still ‘shadowed’ on paper, simply because it’s not a trustworthy system: gruesome usability and interaction design, making stuff disappear for no reason, random disconnects, Citrix horror stories… ‘Welcome back in 1998’, was my first thought when I started the first day of internship here.

At one moment I found myself sitting in the nurses room with five other nurses, all fighting with their computers. Then it became really obvious: There’s more computer work going than at my other job in software development!

Wouldn’t it be better for everyone if things ‘just worked’ like in the visualization above? Automation and IT should make work easier, costs lower and quality higher, all in favor of the patients, right? Typing all day and fighting antique Windows systems doesn’t help, at all. Let’s restart IT in healthcare and restart innovating. Start with my idea above please ;)