Synchronized Maps with Leaflet and Google Maps shows how easy it is to synchronize Leaflet and Google Maps side-by-side. Reminds of this.

Vector Layers for Leaflet

Leaflet Vector Layers is a library for Leaflet that allows management of vector layers. It currently supports ArcGIS Server, Arc2Earth, GeoIQ and CartoDB. (Check out the CartoDB demo or the PostGIS demo)

The Open Data Handbook

The Open Data Handbook discusses the legal, social and technical aspects of open data. It discusses the why, what and how of open data - why to go open, what open is, and the how to ‘open’ data.

Someone should fork this idea and make a Dutch version.

Visible Map

Visible Map is a playground for the MBTiles specification by MapBox.

WebGL: Livingston Brain Data

The data shown here were acquired by Robert B. Livingston at UCSD in the 1970’s: Livingston Brain Data

WebGL: Chess

Chess Demo using three.js and ammo.js.

Collection of some random map interfaces