Waterunderground is an interactive visualization of global ground-water fluctuations on a monthly basis from 2002 to present.

Screenshot of waterunderground.info

It was built with the infamous Three.js.

Navigation is located in the footer.

The data used is from NASA’s Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE), freely available here and courtesy of the UC Center for Hydrologic Modeling.

Flood Map 3D Simulation

A web-based flood simulation is developed for navigating over the flood inundation map of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. More here.

Flood Game

A flood game in HTML5 (Youtube)

Floodgame screenshot

More videos from Ibrahim Demir of the Iowa Flood Center


OpenScalesGL is the HTML5/WebGL version of the ActionScript-based “rich mapping” framework. The video below is a preview of what’s coming in summer 2012.

Another video, Desktop Firefox (Youtube).

ReadyMap Web SDK

ReadyMap is a free Javascript library for 3D/2D web mapping. It works with TMS/WMS and WebGL. (Github repo).

If your video card and webbrowser are recent enough, check out the demos. Especially this one which renders layers from an ESRI ArcGIS Server.

Nokia Maps 3D WebGL Beta

100% 3D maps, 0% plug-in, currently in beta.

Tip: Try zooming in a bit to Cape Town or New York and click on the label. It beautifully zooms in and goes into more detail. Very nice.

USGS Texture Blending demo

A visualization of the USGS elevation data using Three.js/WebGL. Technical background information here. More WebGL from Chandler Prall.

WebGL Nature Scene

Screenshot of  WebGL nature scene

A WebGL nature scene based upon NVIDIA’s Nature demo project.

Live demo.

This is an effort to integrate some interesting shader based rendering techniques to present realistic-looking nature scene on web using Javascript and WebGL (SpiderGL to be precise). The techniques applied in this demo include:

  • Multi-layered Terrain
  • Waving Grass with Countless Blades
  • Realistic Water Simulation with Reflection and Refraction
  • Dynamic Cloudy Sky Dome
  • Flying Birds with Flocking Behaviour

Earthquake Visualization

Screenshot of Nine Point Five

Nine Point Five is a WebGL visualization exploring earthquakes over the past 30 years. (More information) Built by Dean McNamee who also seems to do nice physical world experiments.

World Flights

World Flights is a WebGL visualization of major airline flights, built using Sencha’s PhiloGL Framework by Nicolas Garcia Belmonte.